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Dominique COUTINOT


Senior support scientist
Quarantine Officer
Airfreight Security responsible - (33) 4 99 62 30 42

Dominique COUTINOT

Research projects at EBCL:


Senior Support Scientist, Quarantine Officer (1998-present): Initiates, plans foreign explorations of natural enemies of insect pests of cereal, vegetable and other crops in Eurasia. and shipped natural enemies for studies and releases to U.S. cooperators.


Areas of scientific interest:


- Administrative Council AGROPOLIS Museum. Montpellier
- Quarantine Issues Group CILBA AGROPOLIS, Montpellier
- Natural Reserve des Ramières. Allex (26)
- Member of the ragweed running board. Montpellier
- French Association Studies of Ragweed. Saint-Priest
- Entomological Society of Languedoc. Montpellier.
- Entomological Society of France, Paris



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Quarantine and Airfreight Security agreements obtained in 2006.