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Agricultural Research Specialist / Quarantine Officer - (33) 4 99 62 30 11




Gaylord Desurmont is a research entomologist and quarantine officer for the European Biological Control Laboratory (EBCL). He was hired in 2015 to supervise and manage the two quarantine buildings of the EBCL and organize and supervise the shipments of living organisms from and to the EBCL in accordance with the rules and regulations of France, the European Union, and the United States.

Prior to his work at the EBCL, Gaylord has completed a PhD in Entomology at the University of Cornell (NY, USA), where he graduated in 2009. His doctoral research focused on the ecology and biological control of the viburnum leaf beetle, an invasive landscape and forest pest in the Northeast U.S. After his Ph.D, he completed a postdoctoral project in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Cornell (1 year) and a postdocoral project in Chemical Ecology at the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) (4 years).

His main research interests and areas of expertise include the behavioral ecology, chemical ecology, and ecological consequences associated with the introduction of exotic pests. As of January 2020, he has published 42 scientific papers and given over 50 presentations and seminars at international conferences and universities.


Research projects at EBCL:


- Biological control of the giant reed Arundo donax.


- Biological control of the French broom Genista monspessulana.


- Biological control of the viburnum leaf beetle Pyrrhalta viburni.


- Biological control of the allium leaf miner Phytomyza gymnostoma




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