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Chaskopoulou A, L’Ambert G, Petric D, Bellini R, Zgomba M, Groen TA, Marrama, Bicout DJ. 2016. Ecology of West Nile virus across four European countries: Review of weather profiles, vector population dynamics & vector control response. Parasites & Vectors. 9:482. (pdf)


Cameron M, Acosta-Serrano A, Bern C, Boelaert M, Margriet den Boer, Bursa S, Chapman L, Chaskopoulou A et al. 2016. Understanding the transmission dynamics of Leishmania donovani to provide robust evidence for interventions to eliminate visceral leishmaniasis in Bihar, India. Parasites & Vectors. 9:25. (pdf)


Giantsis I, Chaskopoulou A, Bon MC. 2016. Mild-Vectolysis: A Nondestructive DNA Extraction Method for Vouchering Sand Flies and Mosquitoes. Journal of Medical Entomology.
DOI: (pdf)


Chaskopoulou A., Giantsis I.A., Demir S., Bon M.C. 2016. Species composition, activity patterns and blood meal analysis of sand fly populations (Diptera: Psychodidae) in the metropolitan region of Thessaloniki, an endemic focus of canine leishmaniasis. Acta Tropica. 158:170-176. (pdf)


Jacquet S, Garros C, Lombaert E, Walton C, Restrepo J, Allene X, Baldet T, Cetre-Sossah C, Chaskopoulou A et. Al.  2015. Colonization of the Mediterranean Basin by the vector biting midge species Culicoides imicola: an old story. Journal of Molecular Ecology. 24:5707-5725. (pdf)


Chaskopoulou, A., A. Thrasyvoulou, G. Goras, C. Tananaki, M. Latham, J. Kashefi, R. Pereira, and P.G. Koehler. 2014. Nontarget effects of Aerial Mosquito Adulticiding with Water-based unsynergized pyrethroids on honey bees and other beneficial insects in an agricultural ecosystem of North Greece. J Med Entomology 51: 720-724. (pdf)


Chaskopoulou, A., A. Thrasyvoulou, G. Goras, C. Tananaki, M.D. Latham, J. Kashefi, R.M. Pereira, P.G. Koehler. 2014. Nontarget effects of aerial mosquito adulticiding with water-based unsynergized pyrethroids on honey bees and other beneficial insects in an agricultural ecosystem of north Greece. Journal of Medical Entomology 51(3): 720-724.


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Chaskopoulou, A., C.I. Dovas, S.C. Chaintoutis, J. Kashefi, P.G. Koehler, M. Papanastassopoulou. 2013. Detection and early warning of west nile virus circulation in Central Macedonia, Greece, using sentinel chickens and mosquitoes. Vector Borne Zoonotic Disease 13(10): 723-732.


Chaskopoulou, A., M. Latham, R.M. Pereira, and P.G. Koehler. 2013. Droplet behavior of an oil-based and two water-based, anti-evaporant ULV insecticide formulations on Teflon® coated slides. J. Am. Mosq. Control Assoc. 29: 173-176.


Chaskopoulou, A., C.I. Dovas, S.C. Chaintoutis, I. Bouzalas, G. Ara and M. Papanastassopoulou. 2011. Evidence of enzootic circulation of West Nile Virus (Nea Santa-Greece-2010, lineage 2), Greece, May to July 2011. Euro Surveill. 16(31):19933.


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Chaskopoulou, A., S. Nguyen, R.M. Pereira, M.E. Scharf and P.G. Koehler. 2009. Toxicities of 31 volatile low molecular weight compounds against Aedes aegypti & Culex quinquefasciatus. J. Med. Entomology 46(2): 328-334.