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Scientists Technicians
BON Marie-Claude - Research Molecular Biologist BLANCHET Arnaud - Technician
CHASKOPOULOU Alexandra - Research Entomologist (located in Greece, not on the picture) GUERMACHE Fatiha - Technician
DESURMONT Gaylord - Researcher (not on the picture) KERDELLANT Elven - Technician
KASHEFI Javid - Senior Support Scientist (located in Greece, not on the picture)

MIAOULIS Michail - Technician (not on the picture)

SFORZA René - Research Entomologist RAMUALDE Nathalie - Technician
SMITH Lincoln - Director ROCHE Marie - Technician
TANNIERES Mélanie - Research Microbiologist SIMONOT Olivier - Technician



BARCEA Dan - Security
BENTIR Farida - Maintenance
BERTON Bertrand - Technical Maintenance
CHATAIGNER Xavier - Computer Specialist
CHESNEAU Gaël - Security (not on the picture)
HAGUE Sarah - Administrative Assistant
LEPRIEUR Xavier - Administrative & Financial Management