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The main objective was to collect Lygus & Adelphocoris nymphs from various populations (Hemiptera: Miridae) to obtain Peristenus stygicus, P. rubricollis, and other species of Peristenus. We also surveyed for eggs parasites of Lygus during these collections.

Beginning in May, 2000, collections were made in Herault, Gard, Drôme and Yvelines departments (France), in the Rep. of Georgia, Spain and Greece. Additional collecting trips are planned for locations in France, Spain, and possibly Greece later this summer.
We also made various collections of Russian wheat aphids mummies in Herault, France and in the Rep. of Georgia, May - June, 2000) for Keith Hopper; and we collected cereal leaf beetle for genetic studies (specimens requested by Dave Prokrym, APHIS) from 4 locations in France and Greece.

EBCL was represented at the International Congress of Entomology in Iguassu Falls, Brazil, by KH. Travel is also planned to Uzbekistan early this fall for the wheat stem sawfly project, and to Greece and North Africa for olive fruit fly & mirid collections.


1) Shipments of Natural enemies to cooperators : BIIRL USDA ARS, R. Fuester L. Ertle

A - RWA/ Aphelinus spp. (HYM. Aphelinidae)


- EBCL-M-RWA.00.01 shipment on 09/05/00

col. 3-4/05/00. Hérault.FR.(~170 aphelinus mummies ex. D.noxia).


- EBCL-M-RWA.00.02 shipment on 22/05/00

col. 16-18/05/00. Hérault.FR. (~500 aphelinus mummies ex. D.noxia).


- EBCL-M-RWA.00.03 shipment on 19/06/00

col. 8-12/06/00. Satcherges, Georgia. (518 aphelinus mummies).


- EBCL-M-RWA.00.04 shipment on 27/06/00

col. 20-22/06/00. Hérault.FR. (~660 aphelinus mummies ex. D. noxia & R.padi).


B - mirids / Peristenus spp. (HYM. Braconidae)


- EBCL-M-MPB.00.01 shipment on 20/06/00

col. 6-8/06/00. Drôme, FR. (Peristenus cocoons ex. Lygus (2064nymphs)).


- EBCL-M-MPB.00.02 shipment on 20/06/00

col. 6-8/06/00. Drôme, FR. (Peristenus cocoons ex. Adelphocoris(1541 nymphs)).


- EBCL-M-MPB.00.03 shipment on 27/06/00

col. 8-11/06/00. Polimilos & Agios, Greece.(Peristenus cocoons ex. Lygus).


- EBCL-M-MPB.00.04 shipment on 3/07/00

col. 20-22/06/00. Drôme, FR. (Peristenus cocoons(~71) ex. Adelphocoris (2828 nymphs)).


- EBCL-M-MPB.00.05 shipment on 3/07/00

col. 8-11/06/00. Polimilos & Agios Vasilios, Greece.(Peristenus cocoons ex. Adelphocoris).


- EBCL-M-MPB.00.06 shipment on 11/07/00

col. 27-29/06/ 2000. From various localities around Cabanelles, catalunya, Spain
Cocoons (~30) of Peristenus spp. ex Lygus sp.(2556 nymphs).


- EBCL-M-MPB.00.07 shipment on 11/07/00

col. 27-29/06/2000. From various localities around Septeuil, Yvelines (78), France.
Cocoons (~71) of Peristenus spp. ex Adelphocoris lineonaris. (786 nymphs).


- EBCL-M-MPB.00.08 shipment on 11/07/00

col. 27-29/06/2000. From various localities around Septeuil, Yvelines (78), France.
Cocoons (~147) of Peristenus spp. ex Lygus sp. (1354 nymphs).


2) Research in progress


- From the collections in France and others countries, some mirid specimens and parasites were retained for our reference collection and genetic characterization.


- From various localities (France, spain and Georgia) populations of Lygus sp. (Hem. Miridae) are maintained in culture in order to produce eggs and nymphs to expose to natural enemies. This also allows us to make observations on diaspause and other biological characteristics.


- We have begun field surveys to find & identify egg parasites of Lygus sp.


- We have begun a study to compare the activity and pathogenicity of several of the pathogen samples obtained from mirid collections.


- We have begun a project on olive fruit fly, Bactrocera oleae.


3) Students and Visitors to the lab


Patrick KEHRLI, Jaime LOPEZ, Karen FRILEY and Elodie CHAPUIS are part of our project team this summer.

Lab visitors include the team from New Zealand Ag Research, Craig PHILLIPS and Rachel CANE, who have a project on natural enemies of the clover and alfalfa weevils, Sitona species.